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The replacement of missing teeth has many options, and dentures happen to be one of them. They are artificial teeth and gums created to resemble the appearance of your natural teeth. Dentures are an affordable and age-old method to replace all or a few missing teeth in your jaw. 

What are Dentures Made from? 

Earlier, artificial teeth that form dentures were made using plastic and porcelain. But with the advancements in dentistry, these materials have been replaced by hard resin. The supporting structure of these restorations that hold them in place is made using resin or polymer to fit snugly to your natural gum line. 

Why Should I Opt for Dentures? 

  • Using dentures improves your appearance as they avoid a sagging mouth and make you look youthful. 
  • Dentures improve your tooth functionality and bite as it becomes easier to speak and chew food. 
  • Dentures are a reliable alternative to replace your missing teeth. 
  • They are an affordable option over other treatments. 

What are the Types of Dentures? 

Partial Dentures 
We use partial dentures to replace only a few teeth in your mouth. They are often used over other tooth-replacement methods when your surrounding natural teeth are not strong enough. Partial dentures fit well to your gum line. As they are not permanently attached to your gums or jawbone, you can remove them while sleeping or cleaning.
Full Dentures 
Full or complete dentures are used to replace all your missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. These types of dentures give you a full smile makeover. They are held in place with the help of an oral adhesive or suction. 
Immediate Dentures 
Immediate dentures are created before replacing your teeth with dentures. We place them immediately after tooth extractions and during the healing process. They are refitted more easily than permanent dentures to accommodate for changes in your mouth while healing. 
If you find traditional dentures extremely uncomfortable, you may opt for overdentures. They are fitted over the roots of your natural teeth. Overdentures either rest on your natural teeth or dental implants and are easy to remove. 

How to Clean Dentures? 

Regardless of what type of dentures you opt for, it is essential to care for them. Cleaning dentures constitutes the first step to care for your dentures. Cleaning ensures that they do not fall prey to the accumulation of plaque, tartar, and bacteria, like your natural teeth. Run clean water over your dentures to remove food particles stuck between them. Brush using a soft toothbrush. 
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