Root Canal Treatment in Medford, OR

Root canal treatment is an endodontic procedure that we perform when the infection in your teeth reaches its pulp. Your tooth pulp houses all the nerves, blood vessels, and living connective tissues. Any decay or infection in the pulp damages your teeth on the whole. There are many causes of infection such as accidents, injuries, poor oral health, trauma, repeated dental procedures on the same tooth, gum disease, etc. Root canal surgery protects your tooth pulp from decay and saves your teeth from extraction. 

What are the Signs of an Infected Pulp? 

When the tooth pulp gets infected, it leads to the formation of abscesses or pus oozing out from your gums. 
You may experience severe pain and soreness in your teeth. 
It becomes difficult to chew the food properly. 
Infected pulp also results in sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. 
You may experience spontaneous bouts of pain frequently. 

How is Root Canal Surgery Performed? 

Before starting the treatment, we will give local anesthesia to make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. We will make a small opening through the crown or biting surface of your infected teeth to access the pulp chamber. With the use of files, we will clean the infected, dead, and diseased pulp from the root canal. After cleaning, we will disinfect the area using disinfectants. 
Your canals will be shaped using fine dental instruments, followed by filling them with a root canal filling called gutta-percha. While shaping your root canal, we will use an irrigation method to wash and clean it and remove all the debris. A temporary cover material acting as a seal will be placed above the gutta-percha. It will be kept in place till we create a dental crown to fit on your teeth. 
We will take the impressions of your teeth to create crowns and fit them snugly to retain the appearance, structure, and functionality of your teeth. This step avoids the chances of reinfection. 

What is the After-Care of Root Canal Treatment? 

Ensure to take the after-care of this treatment seriously. You may feel a little pain and swelling after the procedure. We will give you some prescription antibiotics and pain-relieving medication to deal with the pain. Take them as directed. You can manage the swelling by placing an icepack on the site of the surgery. Avoid eating hard foods for a few days after the procedure and rinse your mouth with warm water. 

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